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A rich history


 Interactive Map

 Driving Directions from the North

  • From the airport, take highway 20 east; OR from downtown or southbound Decarie, take highway 20 west
  • Follow the signs to the Pont Mercier Bridge
  • Once on the bridge, stay in the right lane to exit, direction Chateauguay.
  • Take the first exit (immediately after coming off the bridge) – signed to: Saint-Isidore/Highway 207 south Kahnawake
  • Left at the Stop Sign Continue on this road for approx. 1 km
  • Take first left, when you see the golf course.

 Driving Directions from the South

  • Take highway 30 to exit 44
  • Head North on route 207
  • Turn right into the golf course after 5.0 km
A rich history

Dress Code

We are a traditional golf club with a long history. While we are considerate of the fact that fashion, including golfing fashion, evolves over time, our members and guests, while at the Club, are required to adhere to our Dress Code as set out below:

Our members and guests, male and female, while on the golf course proper, must wear only such attire as has been specifically designed for playing golf or for sun protection. In other words, the type of clothing, including hats, socks and shoes, that you will find for sale in our golf shop as well as hats that have a sun protection function (e.g.Tilley hats). Only golf related logos and subtle manufacturers' logos are acceptable on clothing, hats and visors, etc. While on the golf course, men's shirts must always be tucked into their pants. You will note that athletic shoes and golf shoes with metal spikes are not sold in our golf shop and are, therefore, not worn on the golf course.

Clean and well maintained casual attire is the order of the day on most occasions in and around the clubhouse. There are certain occasions or events when more formal attire is requested and that request will appear on the announcement of the occasion or event.

More specifically, without restricting the generality of that which is set out above, blue jeans are not to be worn by our members and guests in or around the clubhouse or on the golf course proper. The same goes for men's open-toed sandals, as well as cargo, rugby, jogging and sweat pants. Shorts of the length of Bermuda shorts for men and mid-thigh to Bermuda length for women are acceptable attire; shorts of other lengths are not. The same goes for women's skirts. Tank tops, halter tops, cropped tops and tee-shirts are not to be worn by either men or women.

The dress code is suspended and inoperative while members or guests are walking directly to and from the parking lots and the locker rooms.

We trust that you understand this Dress Code and will respect it. It is deemed inappropriate for any member to enforce the dress code directly with another member or guest. Any concern or questions about compliance with the dress code, including whether or not a given article of clothing is acceptable attire, should be reported to the Club Manager or, in his absence, the Club Professional or, in his absence, one of his assistants. They will act as the final arbiter regarding any dress code issue.

A rich history

Basic Rules

All guests must be registered at the Golf Shop on arrival.


Talking on a cellular phone and checking voicemail are only permitted in the club’s parking areas and in the immediate vicinity of the club’s public phones (with the exception of the club room).

Tablets, computers and non-verbal functionalities of cellular phones are permitted throughout the club’s property as long as pace of play and social atmosphere are respected.

Cellular phones must always be kept on silent or vibrate mode.

At Kanawaki a four ball match should be played in 3 hours and 45 minutes. Faster groups should always be allowed to play through.

Flag System: the marshall will have three coloured flags which will be displayed from his cart.

Green Everything is okay.

Yellow You have fallen behind the group in front and you have twenty minutes to catch up to them.

Red Pick up your ball and move to the next tee.

NOTE: The red flag should only be used in extreme circumstances. If the marshall sees that the group is gaining on the one in front but has not totally caught them, he should give them a little leeway but should continue to monitor them to make sure they get caught up eventually.

A rich history

Contact Us

Telephone Numbers

  • Club House: (450) 632-7200 and 1-855-526-2925 (1-855-KANAWAK)
  • Golf Shop: (450) 632-5600
  • Caddy Master: (450) 632-4611
  • Fax: (450) 632-0213

General Inquiries

Mailing Address

PO Box 220
Kahnawake, QC
J0L 1B0